Feb 25

Ahead of the Curve – Trend 6: Preparing for Emergencies in Local Governments

Ahead of the Curve blog series authored by HB Lanarc and sponsored by BasicGov explores six major trends in municipal management in the 21st century, including a move to adopt sustainable practices. And leading communities are taking on all of these, and are leveraging benefits through their response to each trend. Read Trend 6 below and comments are always welcome. Read Trend 1, Trend 2, Trend 3, Trend 4, Trend 5. Next week we will have blog series about Leadership Opportunities.

Trend 6: Preparing for Emergencies in Local Governments

With natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina predicted to become more frequent, the importance of advance preparation is clear. Municipalities must have plans to deal with emergency storms, flooding, and other natural disasters. Physical response strategies will include gathering materials and shelter, as well as protecting essential municipal information. Many cities have implemented web-based cloud technology for data reliability, which means that in the event of an emergency the city would have access to its system and data from any internet connection.

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