Nov 08

Each foreclosure costs $80K in collateral damage to neighborhoods

November Report about US Foreclosures

RealtyTrac’s 3rd quarter report of foreclosures in the United States has both good and bad news:

•    Good news – cities who’ve been hardest hit for quite some time are seeing some foreclosure relief
•    Bad news – 2/3rds of metropolitan areas have an increase in the # of foreclosures.

The same report shows a list of the top 10 foreclosure rates and they are all in these states:
•    California
•    Florida
•    Nevada
•    Arizona

See news source for more information about the report.

Foreclosures Have Collateral Damage to Neighborhoods

The Urban Institute estimates that every foreclosure now causes $79,443 in collateral damage to neighbors, financial institutions, investors and local governments, in addition to the foreclosed homeowner themselves (see news source).

A survey conducted last year found these impacts to communities and local governments:

  • Approximately 80% said that the foreclosure crisis has resulted in an increase in citizen complaints over the past year
  • The most frequent complaints were overgrown yards (87%), property damage (61%) and garbage dumping (47%)
  • 88% do not plan to increase staff (code enforcement officers) to manage the overall problem

An updated survey on the impact of foreclosures is being conducted and will be reported on in a few months.









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