Jan 31

Web-based Land Management Software Handles Foreclosured Properties

Recently, we have been getting a number of inquires asking whether our web-based land management software can handle the ongoing registration and compliance of foreclosed properties and abandoned buildings that are now managed by banks.

The common functionality of the request involves the registration of the property by the bank with the city, with re-registration occurring every six months or a year.  During the period, the bank managed property must keep the building or home up to code.  If there are violations against the property the bank must bring the property into compliance or face additional fees, and or/higher re-registration fees.

The common challenge for these cities is the need for a higher-level view of all the properties to determine which banks are good and/or bad at keeping abandoned buildings in compliance upon registration so the city can be proactive in dealing with them at registration.

The additional challenge is doing is quickly, and at a low-cost.

The solution is straight forward, even if we are expected to import your parcel data.  Setup can be as quick as three weeks if this is all that is needed to start with, and the ongoing cost is a low monthly fee per user.

The end solution can be called any number of things:

  • Foreclosure Management Software
  • Abandoned Buildings Tracking Software
  • Foreclosure Compliance and Registration Tracking

Whatever it is, we can get you up and running quickly so you can start managing the banks and keeping citizens happy that their neighborhood property values don’t go down.


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