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Aug 23

Municipalities Expediting Building Permit Process


Expediting permits in municipalities means better use of taxpayer money and better service to businesses and residents. Municipalities are finding ways to issue permits faster using reviews and technology.

Expediting Permits for Green Projects

Arlington, Virginia is a municipality that is expediting permits for green projects. They recognize that time savings means cost savings for owners and developers (as reported by Jim Schneider in his “Speed to Green” article).

Expedite Permits with Technology

Many municipalities are using technology and software systems to expedite permit processes.  City of Sonora, California is using web-based software (also known as cloud computing or software-as-a-service / SaaS) to more efficiently manage its permits and inspection process.  Read more.

Expediting Permits with Peer Review

Fairfax, Virginia has implemented a peer review process to expedite permits. The program involves private sector design professionals that peer review construction plans for code compliance prior to submission to the county. Then peer reviewed plans are given priority and permits accelerated.

watch Fairfax County permit video


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Aug 23

Ahead of the Curve: Canadian City of Dawson Creek leader in sustainability case study

Ahead of the Curve blog series, authored by HB Lanarc and sponsored by BasicGov, explores trends in municipal management, including a move to adopt sustainable practices. Leading communities are taking on all of these trends and leveraging opportunities to improve services to citizens and productivity.

Case Study – Dawson Creek, British Columbia


attributed to ©© Arthur D. Chapman and Audrey Bendus http://www.flickr.com/photos/arthur_chapman/3867103739/

Dawson Creek is a town of about 11,000 in North central BC, and a Canadian leader in sustainability.  Its new Official Community Plan (OCP) is built on a foundation of sustainability goals, and a conceptual plan aimed at achieving these by leveraging growth into more efficient patterns – while maintaining the community’s identity and character.  Implementation of the OCP includes sustainability checklists for different land uses.

These will make clear the responsibilities of applicants, providing certainty as to expectations, and demonstrating sustainability demands transparently to the community.  As these become integrated into management, the development approvals process will become one key to the community’s success in achieving sustainability, to tracking progress, and to identifying new opportunities to accelerate this change.


If you’d like to learn more about this project, feel free to email me or post a comment,

Peter Whitelaw, HB Lanarc


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