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Aug 23

California City uses BasicGov to incorporate four city departments on one integrated database all in the cloud

Our California-based customer, City of Beaumont, has added a fifth BasicGov software module and is now running four distinct city functions in a single cloud based database.

This most recent module is for the Permitting and Inspection department to go along with modules for Code Enforcement, Licensing and Planning.  All of these applications sit on the cloud, in a single database, providing for a more complete and integrated history on each citizen and parcel.

Southern California’s City of Beaumont, with a population of 34,217 and growing, strives to keep its rural charm with planned growth for residential housing, recreational parks and facilities, commerce investments and improved transportation. These goals put pressure on City staff to manage community development and land use smartly and efficiently.

The City implemented software to reduce pressure on staff by allowing them to process citizen requests faster, and with reporting tools city staff can make better decisions to support long term community goals.


Like most municipalities, city activity and budgets vary, which is why BasicGov software is so convenient. With a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, BasicGov is flexible and can be changed as required to scale up or down the number of users and modules. And because it sits in a secure and reliable cloud environment, city staff can do their work from anywhere.

The City of Beaumont’s four departments – Planning, Code Enforcement, Public Works and GIS – are all now using BasicGov software.

“We started using BasicGov’s planning software a few years ago, then this year we added additional BasicGov modules for code enforcement, licensing, GIS integration and permits,” said a staff planner for the City of Beaumont, California. “Our City likes the affordable cost and flexibility of BasicGov software that allows us to change our number of users depending upon the level of activity within our community.”

“Many of our customers start with one BasicGov software product and then over time add more staff and more modules. And sometimes our customers want to lower the number of users for a period of time to manage within changing budgets,” said Michael Togyi, Vice President Marketing and Sales, BasicGov Systems Inc. “We find that BasicGov’s cloud computing type of software allows municipalities to work more collaboratively between departments, improve services to citizens, and stay within variable budgets.”

As a web-based software system, BasicGov has fast implementation and customers can have the software up and running in less than 5 weeks. Upgrades and daily support are included in the price.

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Aug 23

Next Economy: 2010 Government Market Outlook

I received a webinar invitation today that let with these facts:

  • $5.5 trillion a year.
  • $105 billion a week.
  • $15 billion a day.
  • $625 million an hour.
  • $10 million a minute.
  • $175,000 a second.

These numbers represent the combined spending by federal, state, and municipal governments right now. This represents almost half of total U.S. GDP, and that percentage is expected to increase in the coming year.

These are stunningly eye-catching numbers and for marketers, a great lesson in getting the attention from those interested in a topic. I always want to know as much as I can about my customers, so how can I not attend this webinar.

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