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Aug 23

Evaluating SaaS / Cloud for Government #4Q&A: Will application scale for my government agency needs today and tomorrow?

Continuing 7 Question & Answer Blog Series: When evaluating SaaS and cloud computing for your government agency …

#4 Question:  Will this web-based software, SaaS application scale for my government agency needs today and tomorrow?

A larger customer community provides more opportunities for scale, collaboration and innovation. Make sure the SaaS vendors your government agency is evaluating provide:

  • Proof of scalability to many hundreds of thousand of users
  • Resources to guarantee the highest standards for service quality, performance, and security
  • The ability to grow systems and infrastructure to meet changing demands
  • Support that responds quickly and accurately to every customer
  • Proven performance and reliability as customer numbers grow

BasicGov, a web-based / SaaS provider, develops and hosts its software on Salesforce.com cloud platform Force.com. “Force.com has a subscriber base that has grown in the past 10 years to serve nearly 60,000 businesses, and has proven its ability to scale. Force.com now processes more than 10 billion transactions per quarter.”

Read more about “Why traditional software doesn’t scale” and “How Force.com multitenant platform delivers scale” at http://www.salesforce.com/platform/cloud-infrastructure/scalability.jsp

Since BasicGov is developed and hosted on on Salesforce.com cloud platform Force.com, BasicGov can build and deliver applications 5 times faster and at about ½ the cost of traditional software platforms. With the Force.com sandbox environment, BasicGov can develop, test, and train without compromising the data and applications in its production environment.

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Aug 23

New BasicGov Login Page

This month we released our new login page. Instead of logging in at the salesforce.com site – you can now log in from the BasicGov website : www.basicgov.com/login

Why our local government customers will want to use our new login page?
The login page is becoming a key BasicGov resource area where we’ll post:

  • Up-to-date service announcements
  • Quick links to our new “cheat sheets” and quick guides (coming in February)
  • Advance notice of new features and modules (like our latest software releases – Licensing and Citizen Portal)
  • Information on how to register for upcoming training webinars and product demonstrations

BasicGov LoginThe first time you log in from your computer, you’ll see a message that an activation link is being sent to you. Once you get that email either click the link directly – or copy the link and paste it into your browser’s address bar. You won’t need this link again*. After the first successful login you can simply go to www.basicgov.com/login to access the system.

(*Note that if you login from a different computer or a different browser on the same computer you’ll be sent a new activation link. It’s an added security measure aimed at ensuring that you are who you say you are.)


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