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Aug 23

Gov 2.0 + Enterprise 2.0 – closing technology gaps

By Susan under e-Government

September’s Gov 2.0 event in Washington, DC featured a variety of presenters from host Tim O’Reilly to IBM, President Obama’s CTO and CIO, Rockefeller Foundation, Amazon and VMware. This BasicGov blog posts highlights a few of the presentations about technology and innovation.

Closing the Technology Gap by Aneesh Chopra (Federal Office of Science and Technology Policy), Vivek Kundra (Office of Management and Budget). Presentation talks about how government is narrowing the technology gap by aligning research and development with government strategy. They talked about consolidating infrastructure and using cloud computing technologies for example.  View video.

Cloud Changes Everything by Steve Herrod, CTO with VMware. The question and answer session with Steve and Tim O’Reilly highlights cloud computing as a key ingredient with virtualization and how this model allows organization to incrementally change costs and services.  One question Tim asked Steve was “what’s the hardest thing you are working on”. Steve’s answer was about the reality of legacy infrastructures and the need to incrementally add in newer technologies such as cloud computing versus just getting rid of the legacy investments. View video.

Enterprise 2.0: New Collaborative Tools for Government’s Toughest Challenges by Andrew McAfee with MIT Sloan School of Management. Andrew is the author of the book Enterprise 2.0 that explains how to adapt the new social tools and platforms to the more demanding needs of the enterprise – including government. Andrew didn’t always answer Tim’s questions but he is passionate about new technology. View video.



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