Technology Partners

Built on the powerful Force.com platform from Salesforce, BasicGov offers its customers the ability to further extend their licensing, permitting, and/or local community development solution by integrating with existing or other external systems.

Our solution provides the ability to call out to virtually all common APIs, to enable synchronization, push / pull, and mash-ups with external apps/systems. Integration options range from native Web Services support (APIs, outbound workflow, etc.) to import/export utilities to middleware integration via packaged connectors to toolkits for Java, .NET, and other open platforms.

The following is a sample of technology partners with which BasicGov has prior integration experience.


Docusign is the electronic signature solution industry leader. With Docusign, you can complete approvals and agreements in hours – not days – from anywhere and on any device. Quickly and securely access and sign documents. Easily upload and send documents for others to sign. Send reminders and check signing status any time.
To learn more, please visit https://www.docusign.com/.


Bluebeam delivers award-winning PDF creation, editing, markup and collaboration technology designed for Architecture/Engineering/Construction (AEC) workflows. Drive project efficiency by utilizing markup data across the entire project lifecycle, and streamline workflow processes to increase productivity. Bluebeam complements BasicGov’s land management or community development solution for complex local permitting, and zoning needs.

To learn more, please visit  https://www.bluebeam.com/.


BasicGov has a unique Esri®-GIS Connector Tool that integrates existing Esri®-GIS Server spatial data with BasicGov. It adds visual analysis capabilities to BasicGov. Our Esri®-GIS tool reduces complexity by providing your staff with map-based tools to manage all land use, zoning, and relevant information related to a parcel, permit, inspection, plan, or code violation. BasicGov is a Certified Silver Esri® Industry Partner.
To learn more, please visit http://www.esri.com/.

Payment Gateways

The BasicGov solution can provide an online payment experience that is integrated with a payment gateway using Web Services APIs. BasicGov has experience interfacing with various payment gateways.

Mobile Devices

BasicGov is designed and architected for conducting fieldwork related to audits, inspections, investigations, and enforcement by staff. As a cloud-based application, our solution enables staff to take their work directly into the field by supporting on-site, real-time inspection, and other field verification activities.

There is no installation needed; BasicGov is accessible from anywhere an Internet connection and supported browser are available, including mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.) except for offline inspection capability.