Transforming Government

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The BasicGov Licensing Module helps you renew licenses faster, collect licensing revenues on time, improve budgeting, and manage cash flow.

BasicGov ensures your revenue is maximized due to automation of common everyday tasks related to licensing for local businesses, contractors, animals, health matters, liquor control and many other license types.

Benefits for Clerks and License Managers

  • Scheduled renewals are processed quickly and automatically
  • Maintain unlimited number of licenses for many different license types
  • Timely and efficient service for new applicants
  • Automation of reviews and notifications improve service levels

Benefits for Businesses and Citizens

  • Improved levels of service and communication from government
  • Important documentation and licenses are acquired in less time
  • Pay for multiple licenses at one time or through advance deposits
  • Submit applications online and check status 24/7

Benefits for Supervisors and Public Officials

  • Dashboard reports simplify analysis of licensing revenue performance
  • Automation increases staff productivity and reduces errors
  • Overall citizen and employee job satisfaction with government is improved
  • Staff productivity and cost per citizen improved with BasicGov Citizen Portal