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Permitting & Inspections

The BasicGov Permits & Inspections Module helps you get organized, collect permitting revenue quickly and improve the scheduling of inspections.

BasicGov ensures the process runs smoothly for everyone involved by automating key tasks for planners, reviewers, inspectors and everyone else involved in a project.

Benefits for Clerks and Permit Managers

  • Automate scheduling of field inspections and reviews
  • Print any permit related documents in seconds
  • Permit history is available to multiple departments, in the office or field
  • Accept permit payments and provide receipts

Benefits for Businesses and Citizens

  • Acquire permits in less time and pay for multiple permits at once
  • Improved levels of service and communication from government
  • Less time driving and standing in line waiting
  • Conveniently submit applications online and check status 24/7

Benefits for Supervisors and Public Officials

  • Dashboard reports simplify analysis of staff performance and revenue
  • Improved customer service and response times for businesses and residents
  • Automation of common tasks increases staff productivity and reduces errors
  • Overall citizen and employee job satisfaction with government is improved