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BasicGov’s comprehensive operations management will empower your agency to improve the citizen and business experience for state and local areas in permitting, licensing, and inspections. To deliver that product, we have developed a specific set of tools on the world’s leading cloud platform that work together in different combinations to give your agency the specific functionality you need.

Citizen & Business Portal
The BasicGov Citizen Portal helps you improve service, reduce communication time and expense and connect with more taxpayers.
Dynamic Rules Engine
The Dynamic Rules Engine was specifically designed to provide process automation in a business user friendly format without code or custom System Integrator approaches.
Letters Engine
The BasicGov Letters Engine is the document generation tool that provides all physical correspondence required in the delivery of a state and local permitting and licensing solution.
Offline Inspections
We offer the world’s best cloud based product; however, mission critical access may be needed in the middle of nowhere.
ESRI GIS Connector
No permitting, licensing, or inspection solution is complete without location-aware data. To serve that need, BasicGov and ESRI have teamed up to provide a two way GIS sync solution that can connect to your existing ESRI platform in minutes.
Payments and Financials
The BasicGov solution has processed hundreds of millions of dollars for state and local agencies.
Reporting and Dashboards
The reporting and dashboard functionality of the BasicGov solution is an industry game changer.