No permitting, licensing, or inspection solution is complete without location-aware data. To serve that need, BasicGov® and Esri® have teamed up to provide a two-way GIS sync solution that can connect to your existing Esri® platform in minutes.

The solution also features a map viewer within the BasicGov® solution that allows a rich feature set of functions for business users. This map viewer showcases your Esri® layers, allows interaction with Esri® base map features, sets boundary search, create/edit new features, provides routing information between inspections, and more.


GIS Map Viewer

  • Easily zoom or pan to map location via address search or “use current location”
  • Select GIS features – such as parcels or assets – by shape, by text, or from the results of the info panel display
  • Easily change graphical views (GIS layers) and switch between available basemaps

GIS Sync

  • Pull or push data from or to a REST-enabled Esri® GIS Server into any Salesforce® object
  • Pull data relates parent-child records
  • Intelligent synch jobs determine whether to update or insert new data based on if the shared primary key is filled in either system

BasicGov is a Certified Silver Partner. For more information, please click on the Esri® badge below.

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