The Inspections module using your ESRI GIS is used for all community development functions with BasicGov® for planning, permitting, and code enforcement as well as other modules for city business licensing and state level modules. It can also function as a stand alone module (online/offline) to conduct a variety of fieldwork scenarios as well as custom inspection requirements. With the BasicGov® Inspections module, an inspector can review (on any device) the day’s inspections and itinerary, plan schedules and routing via maps, print reports in the field, or queue into a printer at the office and have all system information available on any device.

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  • Automates scheduling of field inspections and reviews.
  • Integrates directly with ESRI or Google for inspection routing and mapping.
  • Provides detailed parcel history such as inspection location and surrounding area.
  • Is available in offline mode via our Inspections App restricted areas.
  • Accesses schedules and addresses in the field.
  • Sees status of all inspectors and inspection in real time.
  • Tracks and follows specific citizens or developers and get up to the minute reporting.
  • Informs of pending inspections online.
  • Notifies your queue order for the day.