The BasicGov® Planning and Zoning Module helps you improve productivity by organizing complex processes involved in managing development and community projects. Event driven tasks automatically schedule notifications, proceedings, hearings and other critical deadlines and milestones. Status can be tracked via reporting, views, or Kanban for easy sharing of progress information.


  • Reduces the storage space and time required to physically manage paper copies of site/building plans
  • Creates a virtual one-stop-shop for applicants to securely and electronically submit and manage plans and associated files (photos, videos, GIS maps, CAD drawings, text documents, electronic forms, etc.) required for a plan review application.
  • Allows applicants to pay online for plan review services.
  • Allows for on-site intake scanning/processing for smaller development businesses that may not have the capabilities to submit plans electronically.
  • Enables the flexibility to define the document review workflow and notification process based upon the requirements for each project.
  • Supports mobile access to plan review documents and comments.

BasicGov provides online plan and document review through an integration with Bluebeam.

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  • Effectively manages and communicates project deadlines and milestones.
  • Organizes planning information online and provide access to key people.
  • Automates scheduling based on key events and applications.
  • Tracks and records project communications.
  • Presents daily reconciliation of all funds in minutes.
  • Assures planning teams are aligned and working on common goals.
  • Provides comfort knowing the team has control of resources and public communication.
  • Simplifies analysis of project performance and deadlines through dashboard reports.
  • Improves overall citizen and employee job satisfaction with government.
  • Delivers accurate, daily, financial reconciliation information.
  • Provides clear understanding of project timelines and objectives.
  • Improves levels of service and communication from government.
  • Gives timely information regarding plans and proceedings.
  • Addresses confidence issues before they can become problems.