Professional and occupational businesses are moving online rapidly, and state agencies must keep up with a solution and service that matches their expectations.  Common professions and occupations included in this type are Accountants, Barbers, Cosmetologists, and Dieticians.

There is a great need to provide licensees with efficient, modern, mobile and non-proprietary tools to use. With BasicGov®, the fulfillment of this need will reduce your agency’s costs, improve transparency, and allow your team more time to better serve the businesses.

Our successful implementation with your agency will grow your revenue, and improve the overall health and safety of your citizens.

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  • Makes business-user-friendly workflow configuration and reporting tools.
  • Comes with mobile ready platform with world class built in collaboration tools.
  • Automates scheduling based on key events, documents, and applications.
  • Records and tracks applicant communications.
  • Presents daily reconciliation of all funds in minutes.
  • Utilizes world leading, open cloud platform.
  • Chooses from a global pool of integrators and technology resources.
  • Simplifies analysis of applicant performance and deadlines through dashboard reports.
  • Improves overall citizen and employee job satisfaction with government.
  • Delivers accurate, daily, financial reconciliation information.
  • Clear understanding of application status via a 24/7 portal.
  • Improves levels of service and communication from government.
  • Displays real time information regarding status of application and compliance issues.
  • Improves confidence in government regarding safety and citizen health.