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Empowering governments to efficiently serve

At BasicGov, this is our purpose. It is on our walls, and every day we focus on making state and local government interactions with citizens and businesses more efficient around regulatory and compliance-based processes. Our purpose creates results for agencies and individuals who seek to improve the citizen experience.

Using BasicGov’s comprehensive cloud platform, governments can automate and streamline operations to cut costs, meet the ever-changing demand for citizen services, and evolve into a more open, transparent, and collaborative organization.

Our cause for efficiency is further enhanced by our choice to use the Force.com platform from Salesforce. This cloud platform provides world-class security, performance, and flexibility.

Unlike other permitting and licensing companies, when you choose BasicGov you become part of a worldwide, multi-billion dollar ecosystem and platform that offers a diverse global resource pool and expands your agency beyond a proprietary platform.

State E-Licensing

Facilitate growth, protect community, and foster transparency across a variety of state regulated industries, business, and professionals.
State E-Permitting
Ensure public safety and legal compliance is met for state regulated facilities and equipment.
Local Community Development
Improve contractor and citizen experience throughout planning, permitting, inspections, enforcement, and compliance processes.
Local Business Licensing
Improve relationships with local business by creating more efficient registration and renewal processes.
BasicGov Tools to Achieve Your Specific Needs

To deliver product in each of the functional areas defined above, we have developed a specific set of tools on the world’s leading cloud platform. Our tools are designed to work together in different combinations to give your agency the specific functionality you need.


Extend the BasicGov Solution Even Further

Consider going beyond having multiple, disparate systems for each business function – ask us now about how to extend the BasicGov solution by sharing real-time data with other AppExchange platform partners for:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Asset Management
  • Finance and Administration
  • Utility Billing
  • And so much more

All of our partners leverage the same platform and database without requiring APIs or connectors.

BasicGov: Powering Business Operations for Government