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Aug 23

Ahead of the Curve – Trend 3:Local Government + Public Demands for Accountability

This is the 3rd trend as part of our Ahead of the Curve white paper and blog series authored by HB Lanarc and sponsored by BasicGov. Click to read previous Trend 1 and Trend 2.

Trend 3: Public Demands for Accountability

Chicago Ave - Naperville Suburb

Trust in the government is at an all-time low by some measures. As a result, citizens are demanding more clarity about what local governments are doing, and how well elected officials are delivering on their promises. For example, Chicago recently adopted a performance management program as a means of ensuring accountability to its citizens.

Furthermore, some senior governments are starting to require cities, towns and counties to regularly report “up” on performance. These demands are beginning to extend to details of development applications, with many local governments providing citizens and businesses access with web portals to apply and check status of permits and licenses. A few are even engaging in participatory budgeting processes, involving citizens directly with priority-setting and the resulting fiscal decisions.

What are you seeing as trends in public demands and local government?

Next trend is “Competition to reduce red tape“.

To read full white paper, click here.


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Aug 23

Software Launched for Local Governments: BasicGov Licensing

BasicGov Licensing Module

Today, BasicGov officially launched our fifth web-based software module – BasicGov Licensing.
The new Licensing module has a number of features that are going to make your job easier and faster. It combines an easy to use interface with automation features that make renewals a snap and new license applications really simple. The product is highly configurable so we handle almost any license type and fee structure.

Our clients have expressed excitement about this product as it integrates so easily with their existing BasicGov applications through the sharing of the parcel manager and account information. BasicGov already provides solutions to managing permits, inspections, code enforcement and planning so Licensing adds an additional dimension to our product line that makes revenue collection fast and easy.

We will also be announcing several new modules soon that will allow our customers to push even more capabilities in the cloud.

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For more details, check the news release we published: “BasicGov Licensing Software Maximizes Local Government Revenues“.


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