Here’s what you can expect from us:

Random (and genuine) laughter

We’re not stand-up comics, but we sure love to laugh and have fun. There has yet to be a day that goes by without someone giggling. And, unlike the common cold that’s contagious in the winter, our giggles are year round by the water cooler, in a meeting, and in slightly embarrassing emails (ideally with photographic evidence).

Sure, ping pong tables or foosball work at other companies – but we believe genuine camaraderie is better for innovation and real teamwork!


Yummy food and days out

We have Friday morning pastry huddles and other team building outings that get us out of the office and bring us closer together. We have regularly scheduled Innovation Days that give our people the chance to set aside the day to day tasks and explore new ideas instead. These kinds of things have always brought us closer together.


One-size never fits all

And we’re not just talking about our swag, we’re talking about our team. To attract a diverse group, we can’t have a ‘one-size fits all’ kind of workplace. So we have flexible hours, personal days, and work from home options.    


A piece of the pie

No, we’re not talking about the pastry huddles. We’re talking about our bonus plan based on goals you get to set. What will you do with that extra dough?

We Value: Teamwork

To us this means:

  • Rallying around company goals
  • Working across departmental silos to solve problems
  • Considering how your actions impact others around you and outside of the company
  • Investing in the team and building on our strengths
  • Celebrating wins and having fun

We Value: Continuous Innovation

To us this means:

  • Experimenting as well as executing
  • Failing fast – Fixing fast – Documenting lessons and sharing with our ecosystem
  • Asking yourself how you can be part of the solution to any problem you raise
  • Thinking exponentially, thinking about more than today, thinking ahead

We Value: Courageous Communication

To us this means:

  • Challenging the Status Quo; complacency limits potential (what is opposite value we are seeking)
  • Identifying behaviour that is out of step with our values – in any team, at any level
  • Seeking to understand
  • Accepting and providing feedback with grace
  • Looking in the mirror – Admit mistakes and ensure others don’t repeat them

We Value: Delivery Excellence

To us this means:

  • Appreciating how much others rely on your commitments
  • Awareness that the reputation of the team is instrumental to our growth
  • Completion is determined by mutual agreement on the definition of done with the customer (internal and external). (Clarity of Delivery)
  • Honouring promises you make to yourself